Things to do in Byron Bay

Byron Activities

People visit Byron Bay searching for many different treasures: time together, space to think, epic waves or impeccable food. Here’s our secret…the true utopia is found in the search. Whether you seek stillness and wellbeing or heart-pumping action, you’ll find Byron Bay activities just outside your Vali Byron door.

Fine fish and chips eaten with your toes in the sand, banging cocktails sipped to the beat of live music, long lazy lunches or chic seaside dinners. Byron Bay’s food culture is a medley of dynamic flavours that sing together in harmony.

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Effortlessly cool Byron style – find it in bohemian dresses, unique menswear, rustic chic homewares and art that leaps off the canvas. There’s shopping and vintage, artisan markets for all tastes.

From Vali Byron you can daytrip to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse and then explore the underwater world of Julian Rocks by snorkel or diving. Or head to the hinterland for some magic at Crystal Castle.

Sunset drinks by the sea, grand old Aussie pubs, a Spanish casa with mind-blowing margaritas and live music that moves your soul. At whatever tempo you like your nightlife, you’ll find something to groove to in Byron at night.

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Whether you’re searching for the perfect wave, just want a quiet back of sand to read your book or want to feel like you’ve found a hidden paradise, there is a Byron Bay beach  for every need. Pristine sands and underwater utopias await.